"Winter Beginnings on Old Bear Lake Road"


Image Size 11 x 15

This scene nearly blew me away when I saw it. There had been an early snow in Rocky Mountain National Park and this was one morning before the snow all melted. I painted this from an 8x10 oil study I did on location as a demonstration in my watercolor class, using a very limited palette of around five colors. Usually, it's the other way around - one would use a watercolor study to do an oil painting from, but there are no rules here! SO much fun to paint, and I added snow where it had already melted away. (The snow in the watercolor, except for the parts in shadow, is the white of the paper. No masking fluid used here. I rarely use that unless it's completely necessary.

Selected for Western Federation of Watercolor Societies Exhibit 2018 in Tucson, AZ

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