Plein Air Studies

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Fall Showcase

Autumn Prime
Colin Road
Capitol City Aspens
Revisiting Alluvial Fan
Mt. Chapin
Autumn Trio
Hidden Surprise
Road to Somewhere
Henson Creek
Autumn Trail
Lean on Me
H Bar G Ranch
Fall Cascades
Cold Morning on Bear Lake Road
Autumn Light on Alpine Loop
Canyon Haze
La Plata Canyon Aspens
Settling In
Meandering Through
Snow Aftermath in Moraine Park
Summer Remembered
Late Summer Greens

Leading Into Fall

Fall's Entrance on Alpine Loop Revisiting Alberta Falls Hanger On-ers Hidden Gem Off Bear Lake Road
Bird's Eye View - Lily Lake Ahead of the Game Blazing Into Winter Summer Glory
Autumn Quest at Lily Lake Deer Mountain Hike Autumn Attire at Bear Lake Unexpected Pleasure
End of a Good Morning at Bear Lake Timeless Falls Almost Frozen Making a Comeback
Estes Valley Hidden Valley Radiance Big Thompson Surge Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak
Revisiting Copeland Falls Hallett's Peak from Storm Pass Hidden Valley Gold Early Light on Fall River
Afternoon Glow Standing in Awe One More Look