Landscape Paintings

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Sunset Glory

There's Trouble Brewing
Graceful Encounter
Nature's Majesty
Leaving Moab
Caught Unaware
Hidden Falls
Yellow Wildflowers and Aspens
Winter Beginnings on Old Bear Lake Road
Waiting for Friends
Quiet Refuge
Winter Bound
Winter Awakening
Winter Chill
Morning Awakening
Twilight Splendor
Early Birds
In the Mood for Winter
Turkey Trot
Unexpected Evening
Wrong Turn?

A Secret Place

On the Watch
Autumn Spotlight
Dawn Gathering
Nature's Reward
Winter Escape
Evening Memories
Follow the Sun
Ushering In Winter
The Edge of Twilight
Cold Feet
King of the Mountain
Coming Home
Sunrise Mission
When Day Dissolves
Alberta Falls
In Time for Fall Solitude Peeking Ending the Day
Cautious Attention Untouched Coming Home for the Night Out in Front for Fall
Black Canyon Creek Trout Lake Lasting Memory
Memories at Sunset Prelude to Evening Which Way Waiting for Dinner
Settling In Early Winter