"Estes Valley"

Plein Air Oil on Linen Canvas

Image Size 12 x 24


This was a tricky one - I had to go back three times to finish it, and this means being at a turn-out on Highway 7 just south of Estes Park, Colorado, with trucks, cars and motorcycles speeding by around the curves. It was quite unnerving at times, but I made it. This is the third painting I've done over the past five years or so from similar locations, looking down on the valley. It's one of my favorite views. I love the way the distant mountains are always hazy in the mornings, and it really adds to the depth. There is a tiny barn in the right foreground that is part of Fish Creek Ranch, and in the mid-distance you can see Lake Estes.

Available at Gallery VII

Allenspark, CO

© Copyright 2017 Cecy Turner