"Early Birds"

Oil on Linen Canvas

This is a "I have to paint it" scene from a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Immediately after sunrise, these seagulls were standing on the beach, backlit and rimlit from the sun, with the dazzling water behind them. I tried to paint it once, and it didn't work, so I rubbed it off and used the toned canvas for "Cold Feet," a deer painting that has a seagull underpainting under it now. I used very few colors for this one, mainly cobalt blue and raw sienna, with lots of white and yellow for all the highlights, plus some cadmium orange. I'm happy with it. Also, I'm happy that we're going back to Playa del Carmen next February, where I'll inhabit the beach at sunrise every day (very unlike me).

Image Size 12 x 16


Runner-Up in Southwest Art Magazine's Annual

Artistic Excellence Competition 2017

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